We’re proud to announce that we have teamed up Fashion & Fairytale!

“Fashion and Fairytale is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity, to let your imagination soar and design the outfit or grand ball gown of your dreams. This is an exciting project that merges fashion, fairytale and nature, with the overall emphasis on beauty, wonder and sustainability.”

Their aim is to raise awareness and counteract the results of ‘fast fashion’. Fast fashion is accountable for a huge carbon footprint. With copious amounts of clothes going in the bin rather than being repaired, or reused, it’s responsible for a bigger footprint than the whole of Europe!

How are we involved? We will be giving a prize to the winning class and the winning college student too! Also don’t forget to visit us for your resources for the competition!

Want to find our more? Follow this link to go to their website:

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