You may have seen the big environmental news story this week. It has been reported that within 12 years, the effects that pollution has on our planet will be irreversible.

Over the last 19 years (next year we will be celebrating being a charity for 20 years), our small charity has striven to help combat this disaster by diverting lots of surplus business waste from polluting the ground, sea and air by encouraging reusing, recycling and upcycling.

To give a better picture of the magnitude we have saved over the course of our Scrapstore’s lifespan, this year alone we have saved over 900 cubic metres of “waste” from going into landfill, and we’re still collecting. It’s neverending.

But it’s thanks to the people who support us and purchase sacks of scrap materials that we, and other Scrapstores, can continue to help our environment, and stop our throwing away culture!

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