The Scrapstore asked me if I could upholster the lids of some great wine boxes, that had just been donated, in order to make them into footstools or storage boxes and I jumped at the chance because I knew I was going to be allowed to rummage through lots of exciting bags of fabric.

As an upholsterer I was in heaven as there is nothing nicer than finding the perfect piece of fabric to cover something thing in. As always with the Scrapstore there was plenty to choose from and as I was delving into the bags people kept bringing me more.

I also discovered that Glynis has a secret stash of treasure so I must remember that in future! The problem was I now had about 30 perfect pieces of fabric for only a handful of lids! Having ordered foam and calico (that meet British Standard fire regulations) I set to with my trusty electric carving knife which is the best thing to cut foam with, by a long way. I stuck the foam to the lid, and added a nice secure layer of calico to keep the foam in order, before having to make the decision of which fabric would look best.

Believe me it is not easy when you have 30 fabulous bits to choose from as I wanted to use all of them! After much deliberation, and trying them all out, the fabric went on with the corners neatly pleated and a nice piece of linen underneath to finish all off. I think they came out very well and I hope you agree!

Blog post from Alice

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