Ryan’s Challenge

To celebrate our 20th Birthday, we have a special challenge for you throughout the whole Summer Holidays.

With Prizes!!

Meet Ryan. He’s a refuse collector! He hates waste and believes all waste is precious. He finds a use for almost everything!

Ryan would like to set you a challenge. Find one of each of 6 objects (pictured below) around the Scrapstore that Ryan has chosen and using all of them, create something precious. You can even use clean bits out of your recycling bin at home!

Every item must be used and you may only use glue, scissors and sticky tape to help you.

Once your design is made, take a picture of it, and send it to us at create@wiltsplay.org.uk and we’ll judge the best item!

There are two age categories for this competition. Under 8’s and Under 12’s.

1st prize will be £25, 2nd will be £15 and 3rd will be £10.

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