We’re proud to announce that we’re now a registered charity for a recycling programme called TerraCycle!

TerraCycle is a company that takes in hard-to-recycle waste and recycles it. It’s a national scheme popping up in locations with both professional and private drop off points across the country! This means it gives access for people to drop off the hardest of recyclable items that you wouldn’t usually be able to put in your bin!

TerraCycle teams up with large companies and helps encourage their consumers to be more responsible for the waste we all generate! And by signing up to this fantastic programme, it will help our charity raise extra funds and help save the planet a little more!

The items we’re accepting are:

  • Crisp packets (any brand/flavour)
  • Pringles tubes (it has to be pringles branded)
  • Biscuit/cake/cracker wrappers
  • Eletric toothbrush heads
  • Empty toothpaste tubes
  • Outer packaging of toothbrush headsbrush heads

Keep an eye out for more locations popping up over the country!

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