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Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun – Albert Einstein

Are You Planning A Children’s Birthday Party, Sleepover, Or A Crafting Get Together?


You Have Landed On The Right Page – We Are Here To Help

  We have designed different creative crafting packs that won’t cost the earth.  Why are they different? Designed by us. Eco-Friendly. Unique upcycling at its creative best.

Craft Lasting Memories

Our creative craft packs are designed to engage multiple brain areas, promoting the development of fine motor, language & social skills.  But more importantly designed to give a sense of achievement whilst having fun with friends and Mum & Dad.

Our “Craft Pack” themes are topical eg (Unicorns) & traditional (Pirates) requested by children themselves.

Craft Packs are sold in multiples of 5 and include a complimentary crown (to craft) for the birthday boy/girl or party host.

Our Smart Cut Packs are age group appropriate. Pre-School, 5-10 years, 11-16 years .

Our Very Popular

Unicorn Mobile Craft Pack

Shiver Me Timbers!

 A Pirate Door Hanger Kit


Designed for children of all ages and takes approximately 1 – 2  hours to assemble. It is categorised as easy to complete (younger children may need supervision) – includes glitter, thread, pre-cut shapes & instructions

Once completed your Unicorn Mobile will move gently in the breeze and grace any child’s bedroom .

1 Party pack includes 5 Unicorn Kits @ £14.50, also includes complimentary crown (to craft) for the birthday boy/girl)

A firm favourite at The Bath Christmas Market

Take to the seven seas with your own Action Pirate Door Hanger.  Our packs contain pieces of eight or eight pieces of crafty treasure. Suitable for all ages with supervision for our younger pirates.  No cutting or stitching required, take approximately 30 minutes to assemble.

A party activity treasure or party bag filler.

1 Party Pack includes 5 Pirate Kits @ £6.25 – And the party host will receive a complimentary Pirate Hat to craft.

A firm favourite at The Bath Christmas Market

Make Spoon Friends Your Party Friends

Designed for younger children “Spoon Friends Families” are unique & help children focus. Crafting takes concentration, focus  and discipline even at three years old, every time a child learns a new skill sticking & sorting colours it boosts their confidence and pride click “Look What I’ve Made”    There’s evidence that encouraging children to be creative and imaginative early in life can actually help them to be more resourceful and resilient in later life.
“Art is not only about emotion, colour or aesthetics, but also about patterns and problem solving” (Reyner, 2008).

Meet Milton & Romilly Spoonfriends


A Great Activity For Crafty Little Fingers

A Colourful Wiggly Caterpillar Craft Pack.   A Firm Favourite With Little Ones.

We Love To Help.

 Are You Planning On Playing Traditional Party Games From Yesteryear At Your Party?

They Are Making A Strong Come Back.

We Have Gifts To Help Make Your Children’s Party Excitement Levels Ricochet Off The Scale!

 So If,

Pass the Parcel.
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Treasure Hunt.
Musical Statues
Egg and Spoon Race

Are On The Agenda You Will Be Needing Small Gifts For The Winners.


Don’t Forget Your Bunting

Shop for your scrap essentials with us online!