So, it is with a heavy heart that the Trustees of the Wiltshire Scrapstore have taken the decision to close the doors to the public from 5pm today. We feel that it is our public duty and social responsibility to support the the advice from the Government, which is clear they are advising us all to make difficult personal sacrifices for the greater good and protection of others, we need to put our own interests to one side in order to potentially save lives and do our bit to protect our staff, volunteers and customers.
Whilst some of us at the Scrapstore are in the low risk category, we have many volunteers and regular customers who we know that they or their families are within the high risk categories, and we need to act now to do our part to help protect them.

We take our social responsibilities very seriously and we feel it would be socially and morally wrong to remain open and encourage people to come out to shop during this time of not just national but worldwide crisis.

We will endeavour to continue to provide a high quality service to the public by making many of our products available online. Whilst we have staff fit and well to do so we will work behind closed doors to put together Scrap boxes, Craft packs and many other goodies to help parents and carers to educate and entertain their children over the coming weeks, whilst schools remain closed.
We have already distributed hundreds of Scrap Boxes and Craft packs over the past few days to many families across Wiltshire and beyond our county lines.

We have made another 30 Scrap boxes available this evening and will continue to make around 30 a day available for customers to purchase.

Please keep an eye on our website and facebook pages to keep up to date with latest developments.

At present our Arts and Crafts Shop – Barty’s in the Gravel Courtyard in Lacock will remain open but on limited days and times so bear with us during this time of uncertainty.

We hope you all remain well.

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