We are the official provider for “Playpods” in Wiltshire. 


Scrap bring children’s imaginations alive

A Playpod is an external structure, which is filled with loose parts for children to access during their lunchtime. This actively encourages “free play” and stimulates the child’s creativity and imagination.  We have over 40 schools and playgroups in the county which have a Playpod installed.  Lot’s of the materials that are donated from Wiltshire business’ are regularly used by children in Playpods.  We are in need of computer keyboards, phones, answer phone/fax machines, hoovers, suitcases, bags and buggies to name but a few.  We would be really grateful if you could bear us in mind whenever a keyboard or telephone etc…. is replaced. You really would make a lot of children very happy!

The Scrapstore PlayPod® is a process that transforms play at school lunchtimes enabling:

  • Happier children
  • Significantly fewer incidents and accidents
  • Children returning to class ready to learn
  • Empowered lunchtime staff
  • Positive parental responses

We now have 37 schools with PlayPods on their playgrounds.  Over 5000 children are now accessing our unique reusable and recycled resources at lunchtimes to enhance their own creative and imaginative play!

If you are interested in finding out more about The Scrapstore PlayPod® call us on 01249 730011

I love the blue boxes that you can pull people in.

I Like the suitcases. Some people can ride in them!

My brother likes the blankets, so you can make a massive den.

It’s really good ….. we built a pet kingdom.

It’s absolutely awesome -it’s so cool!!!!

The Scrapstore brings children’s imaginations alive says Nigel Andrews head Teacher at St James Academy in Devizes

“We commissioned the Scrapstore Playpod training and service to enhance lunchtimes to encourage a creative approach to play. This will enable inclusion, creativity, problem solving and risk taking in a controlled environment.

“This project is not only additional resources for the playground but a change in ethos and approach to play which will benefit  our children.”

“We are excited about the introduction of this approach to children developing their play and believe that it will engage children in their play and enable learning through play and enable them to be more ready to learn after lunch. ”




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