“Pocket Money Picks” 

Teachers, Mums & Dads, Child Minders, Home Educators, Brown Owls etc, “Pocket Money Picks” are for you.

  As the name implies our Pocket Money Picks are affordable crafting packs suitable for all age groups.

At the heart of our products is SmArt-Cuts,

At our current rate more that 50,000 “SmArt-cuts” shapes are cut annually reusing waste materials from the Scrapstore.

2,000 SmArtcut  activity packs have been created.


Teachers – Did you know we can make customised SmArt-Cuts to your specification in line with your teaching curriculum?

Plus we have fantastic material resources for your Key Stage projects, The Vikings, The Romans, The Greeks,

Home Educators – SmArt-cuts provides a valuable resource that stimulates the imagination, enables children to follow instructions and value the finished article.

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