ESME’s EGG – Esme’s determination to hang onto her egg, leads to the most eggtraordinary, eggciting adventure!

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Farmer Ferguson’s refusal to leave Esme’s eggs alone, wherever she tries to hide them, leads her to lay down the law on egg collection once and for all. This decision leads to one of the most eggciting adventures of her life with a crackingly good conclusion!

This delightful story will take you on a journey from the farm to the supermarket. It provides opportunities to introduce vocabulary associated with farms and in particular – chickens. Will help to explore life-cycles and there’s a fabulous fun facts section about chickens and eggs at the back.

It’s an eggtraordinary, eggcitable tale of determination and desire to hang onto an EGG! Beautifully illustrated by Christine Grove, her first published book. What better way to announce yourself to the world than through the eyes of a chicken with attitude!

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