Knights, Castles, Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses 2


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Knights, Castles, Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses 2

Toys- Scrappy Bear, Knight Dolls X2, Princess Dolls X2, Queen Doll, Prince Dolls X2, King Dolls X2, Zip Lock Wallet, Large Queen Puppet, Large King Puppet, Large Prince Puppet, Large Princess Puppet, 12 box of Knight Small Toys.


Peep inside the castle – Falicita Sala,
The Castle – Anne Giulieri,
Knights and Castles – Rachel Firth,
The princess and the sleep stealer – Elissa Elwick,
Cinderella’s (not so) ugly sisters – Sarah Kilbride and Sophie Tilley,
The worst princess – Anna Kemp,
Princess Evie’s ponies – Gillian Shields,
Castles – Usborne Beginners,
Knights – Usborne Beginners,
The best present ever by Neil Griffiths,
Castles by leapfrog learners,
Looking inside a castle by Usborne,
Want to be a knight? By Paul Mason

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