Read All About It’ Library Box service
Plus Scrappy Bear
Each Book Box has a special Bear named “Scrappy” to encourage children to read and care for their books.

Please note Book Boxes must be collected in person from The Wiltshire Scrapstore . Book Boxes can be loaned for up to 6 weeks

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Sounds and Noisy Books
Scrappy Bear
Peace at Last by Jill Murphy
The Wheels on the the Bus Child’s Play
Farmer Joe and the Music Show by Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees
Roar by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe
Ruby Roars by Margaret wild and Kerry Argent
The Farmer’s Away! BAA! NEIGH! By Anne Vittur KennedyC
In the City Flip-Flap Facts
Loud and quiet Opposites
I Found a sound by Vic Parker and Sarah Horne
Sound All about science
Noah’s Noisy Night by Maria Cornea and Sebastian Braun
Chimp and Zee’s Noisy Book
Animal Noises By Thomas Flintham
The Animal Orchestra by Nick Sharratt
Five Minutes Peace By Jill Murphy
Whar’s That Noise? By Chloe Rhodes
We Listen… we don’t Interrupt by Donna Luck
Noisy by Shirley Hughes
2 Parrot Glove puppets

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