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‘Read All About It’ Library Box service

Please note Book Boxes must be collected in person from The Wiltshire Scrapstore. Book Boxes can be loaned for up to 6 weeks.

Please let us know which setting the box will be loaned to on checkout.

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Scrappy Bear
Dry Bones Child’s Play
Dry Bones Boardbook Child’s Play
All about Me by Debbie MacKinnon and Anthea Sieveking
When I grow Up by Lennie Goodings and Jenny Jones
You’ll Soon Grow Alex by Andrea Shavick and Russell Ayto
Our Special World My Body
at me PM Starters
SpOur Skin can Touch Little Pebble
Our Mouths can Taste Little Pebble
Look ot’s Touch and Feel Book by Eric Hill
All About me D.K.
Coping with a disability Booklife
Alfie’s feet by Shirley Hughes (x2)
Susan Laughs by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross
Bathwater’s Hot by Shirley Hughes
Our bodies Little Nippers
My Body by Jill McDonald (x2)
My Hands by Aliki
Body D.K.

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