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‘Read All About It’ Library Box service –
Sky & Fly
Each Book Box has a special Bear named “Scrappy” to encourage children to read and care for their books.

Please note Book Boxes must be collected in person from The Wiltshire Scrapstore . Book Boxes can be loaned for up to 6 weeks

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Scrappy Bear
The Boy Who Switched off the sun by Paul Brown
Up in the sky PM plus
The Blue Balloon By Mick Inkpen
The Science of Flight by Ian Graham
Little Bear’s Moonlight Adventure by Gillian Lobel and Tim Warnes
Q Pootle5 by Nick Butterworth
Big Machines Fly!
Aeroplanes Little Pebble
Come and ride with us! Child’s Play
Look inside an Airport Usborne (x2)
Kipper’s Kite by Mick Inkpen
Clouds by Anne Rockwell
Air is All around You by Franklyn M. Branley
My Bed is an Air Balloon by Julia Copus
I-Spy In the night Sky
Follow my plane Boardbook
Amazing Airplanes by Tiny Mitton and Ant Parker
Birds by Jill McDonald (x2)
Busy Airport Campbell
High-Flying Helicopters By Tony Mitton and Ant Parker
Sunny Day by Anna Milbourne
Where Do Jet planes Sleep at night? By Brianna Caplan Sayres
Mrs Rainbow book, and doll and game in spotty bag
9 Bird finger puppets

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