Space 2


Read All About It’ Library Box service
Space 2
Plus Scrappy Bear
Each Book Box has a special Bear named “Scrappy” to encourage children to read and care for their books.

Please note Book Boxes must be collected in person from The Wiltshire Scrapstore . Book Boxes can be loaned for up to 6 weeks

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Space 2
Scrappy Bear
How to catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Child’s Play
Finger mitt Five Little Men in a flying Saucer
Zoom, Rocket, Zoom By Margarte Mayo and Alex Aycliffe (x2)
On the Moon by Anna Milbourne and Benji Davies 9×2)
Q Pootle 5 by Nick Butterworth (x2)
My best-ever pop-up Space book D.K.
Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and Nick East
Going into Space D.K.
Let’s Go To Mars! By Janice Marrriott and Mark Ruffle
Look Inside Space Usborne
Astronaut By Lucy M.George
Solar System by Jill McDonald
Sun, Moon and Stars Kingfisher Readers
Astronauts Ladybird
What’s Out There? By Lynn Wilson
Hey Diddle Diddle! Child’s Play
Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer Child’s Play
Rocket and space toys
Astronaut Doll

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