The Pelican Who Couldn’t


The Pelican Who Couldn’t – Two ‘tall talking’ pelicans attempt to out-do each other with feather flying consequences. With pop-ups.

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A tale of two ‘tall talking’ pelicans who attempt to ‘outdo’ each other. After much thrashing and splashing and pinching and snapping, one overdoes it, with feather-flying consequences!

A ‘no, you can’t, yes, I can’ story, that may leave you lost for words!

This is a simple storyline with child-friendly language and clever use of repetitive vocabulary. It gives opportunities to explore sea creatures and the two spectacular pop-ups, will have you not only reading, but playing with this book non-stop!

Peggy Collins illustrations are full of fun and her use of bold, bright colours has created the perfect seascape for this maritime caper!

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