Membership of Wiltshire Scrapstore

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Membership of Wiltshire Scrapstore is free; signing the Membership Form signifies your agreement to the following Terms and Conditions of use of the Scrapstore. Whilst the shop, café and Barty’s (located in Lacock village) are open to the general public, only registered Scrapstore Members are allowed access to the warehouse for collection of scrap materials.

Children under 16 are allowed in the Scrapstore provided they are accompanied and supervised at all times by a parent, carer or other responsible adult.

Scrapstore materials must not be used for commercial gain, either by reselling or using to create goods for sale.

Members collecting materials from the warehouse are responsible for their suitability for the age and ability of the user group.

Charges for scrap will depend on the amount and type of materials taken; sample charges for full sacks, bags, etc, are shown at the reception desk. Some special materials, eg fabric, large sheets of card, individual items, will show separate suggested donations.

Members tell us 289,292 children & 55,058 adults have benefitted from membership –

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