Unique By Design


Have you ever wanted to design and make your very own unique leather handbag, accessories, bracelets, iPad covers or even a coat?  Yes that’s right a coat!

Well now you can.

We provide practical “hands on courses” from complete beginners through to advanced workshops.  Richard our very own leather worker (need bio) will teach students how to design & make a wide variety of leather goods using machines and by hand.  From wallets, purses and bracelets to beautiful unique designer handbags.

For a fantastic opportunity to develop your own ideas, projects and skills why not join a workshop.

Our workshops take place at our Lacock Scrapstore in an informal friendly environment. We can even provide lunch, or bring your own, and a beautiful selection of leather – £30 per person. You provide the fun!

Call 01249 730011 or view Workshops and Book-On Line.

Learn From The Master



Richard learned his saddlery skills over a two year period in the 1970s from a newly retired Master Saddler to the King’s Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery. Since then he has always been involved in the production and repair of all forms of equine saddlery and harness-making and has run a thriving part time business designing and making handbags and repairing and producing all manner of leather goods to order.

He started running the Scrapstore Leather Courses about three years ago and has adapted his skills to working with the thinner hides available there. He passes on this knowledge to course members who may already have various skills (and sometimes disabilities) and guides and helps them all to work at their own pace whilst developing diverse patterns and styles.

Beautiful leather bag designed & made by Beth.  I think you will agree you would be hard pressed to see anything finer in an exclusive specialist handbag shop.

Unique Designs

Beautifully finished – inside and out.

With materials from The Scrapstore

Here’s the early stages of a leather coat – very ambitious. Mind your fingers!

Beautiful bag, love the colour and stitching.


Fabulous geometric leather patchwork – very skillfully made and stitched by Helen

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